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Rotary Great Britain & Ireland

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Brought to you by 
Rotary Great Britain & Ireland & ARPIC Archie Ralston (2014-20

This non-profit making webstore is to enable District and Clubs to purchase current Rotary promotional materials at a highly discounted price from one central location.

The idea behind this webstore is simply that no other supplier offers the range of Rotary branded promotional items available here without the need for professionally produced graphics, and at an affordable price.


This webstore is different because it is run by Rotarians for Rotarians with no other agenda except the promotion of the Rotary brand and image. 

The items offered on this site are sourced direct from the leading manufacturers and also imported direct from China eliminating the additional costs incurred if purchased from sellers in the UK.

All items are priced at cost with no profit made and the full discounted price passed onto the District or Club to encourage them to buy current up to date branding designed in compliance with the current Rotary Visual Identity guidelines.

It is important to deliver the Rotary message in a consistent and coherent manner and to adopt the current Rotary branding in all materials used. We are customer focused and our aim is to deliver value help and guidance with 100% service commitment.